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Media Campaigns

Our media campaigns are created to educate, change social norms, and reduce youth substance use in our community. We are constantly collecting data on substance use trends and focus our efforts accordingly. Campaigns include billboards, mailers, radio advertisements, newspaper ads, posters, and Facebook advertisements.


Youth Connections Issue #1 July 2019

This magazine is for parents and teens. It has a variety of articles about prevention-related topics and about supporting kids so that they can reach their potential. The magazine also has local photos and is very relevant to local parents and youth. These are printed and distributed twice a year to local businesses. You can also read the digital version here.

Prescription Drug Take-Back Day

Prescription Drug Take-Back Days are advertised twice a year (October and April). This is a nationwide event to encourage proper disposal of prescription drugs. Prescription Drugs can be disposed of ANY day at the Excelsior police department.

Roots of Resilience

This campaign aims to educate the public about the effects of ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and nurture resilient kids.


Monitor. Secure. Dispose. Prevent Prescription Drug Misuse

This is a campaign designed to educate the public about monitoring, securing, and disposing of prescription drugs to limit availability of drugs to those seeking to misuse them.

Positive Coping Skills

This campaign empowers adults to model positive coping skills (and other positive behaviors) for kids around them so that kids learn positive behavior.

Parent Up Alcohol Prevention

Parent Up is a Northland-Wide campaign supported by multiple local coalitions. The goal is to empower parents to talk with their kids about their expectations regarding underage drinking and to be present in their kids' lives. Building parent-child communication helps prevent underage drinking.

Prescription Drug Misuse Awareness

This campaign's goal is to educate the public that many kids get prescription drugs from unsuspecting family members. We all need to make sure our prescription medications are properly secured and are not shared.

Positive Parenting

This campaign is simply to remind parents to communicate positively with their kids and build that positive relationship!

Anti-Chewing Tobacco Campaign

This campaign is designed to remind parents that kids learn behaviors from us; both positive and negative behaviors.

Resilience Film Screenings

These Resilience Film screenings are designed to educate our community about the effects of ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and toxic stress on health and development.