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Treatment and Support Resources

Do you, or someone you know, need help with a substance use disorder or mental health? There are resources available to help.

Resources: What We Do
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Resources for Parents

Need help knowing how to talk to your child about drinking, drugs, or other difficult topics? Here are the resources you need to start and continue those conversations.

Resources: What We Do

Resources for Students

Need more information? Know the facts.

Resources: What We Do
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Resources for Educators

Need more information about youth substance use? Here are some great resources from our umbrella prevention coalition, The Northland Coalition.

Resources: What We Do

Statewide Opioid Resources

NoMoDeaths Campaign and Resources

The Missouri Opioid State Targeted Response (STR) and Missouri State Opioid Response (SOR) projects expand access to integrated prevention, treatment, recovery support, and harm reduction services for individuals with opioid use disorder (OUD) throughout the state.

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