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Watch. Drop. Talk.
Prevent Prescription Drug Misuse



Only buy prescription medications from a pharmacy. Never buy pills off the street, as this is dangerous and illegal. Only use prescription medications in the exact way in which they are prescribed, and never share medications. Keep track of which prescription medications you have in your house and how many.  Store prescription medications in a secure place that only you know about. 

Find out more about Prescription Drug Safety from Parent Up, our regional prevention resource for parents. 



Don’t keep unused, unwanted, or expired prescription medications in your home.  Dispose of medications at a permanent drop box location, such as at Liberty Hospital or Liberty Police Department. You can also dispose of medications safely at home with a drug disposal bag. Stop by Excelsior Springs Hospital's pharmacy for a free drug disposal bag.  



Have intentional conversations about prescription medicines with kids and teens in your life.  Teach them they should never share their medications with anyone else, and should never take another person’s prescription medication.  Let them know that just because it’s medicine, does not mean it’s harmless.  Also, help kids understand that taking a random pill can be deadly, due to fentanyl being frequently found in counterfeit pills. 

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